Top 6 Most Frequently Asked Questions on Derma Rolling

What is Derma Rolling?

In recent years, dermarollers have proven themselves an essential device in one’s skincare regime, who suffers from acne scarring, skin dullness, fine lines, stretch marks, uneven beard growth and hair loss/thinning. Dermarolling is a rolling technique in which tiny needles create small insults and micro-injuries in its path, as it passes over the dermis. This in turn causes micro-inflammation and essentially triggers the body’s natural reaction, to initiate the wound healing process. In the skin, the dermaroller is used to stimulate collagen production, and over the scalp, dermarolling can be used to increase cell production and increase blood circulation, which in turn will help with new hair growth.

How does Derma Rolling Work?

When rolled over the skin, derma rollers create harmless micro-injuries in their path which triggers the body’s natural healing response; increasing blood circulation and new cell regeneration. This results in collagen production and new cell turnover which leads to beautiful glowing skin.

How does Derma Rolling boost the effects of your skin care routine?

Derma Rolling has been proven to increase the absorption and delivery of skin care products by up to 40%. Though our skin is able to absorb some of what we place into its surface, derma rolling creates harmless micro-injuries in the epidermis which increases the efficacy and delivery of skin care products to deeper layers of the skin. This allows active ingredients to reach their targeted areas and deeply replenish the skin.

What products should I use post Derma Rolling?

We recommend using your usual moistures, serums, elixirs and masks made with gentle formulas post rolling. Make sure these products have no active ingredient like Retinol, Vitamin C or any ‘active’ ingredients as to not irritate the skin.

When should I use my Derma Roller?

We recommend rolling at night before your night time skin care routine.

What should I know prior to Derma Rolling?

It’s important to ease in to derma rolling, start by rolling once per week to allow your skin to adjust.

Remember to always wear sunscreen the next day (and every other day) and avoid using skin care products with active ingredients after rolling as this can irritate the skin.

And finally, always remember to clean your derma roller after use also to avoid the risk of infection.

Happy rolling!