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Before Derma Rolling


It’s important to remember that the derma roller is a safe and effective tool but you do need to take the required steps to ensure you are using it correctly.

First things first you need to ensure your hands, and the area to be treated is clean. Wash your hands with soap, and your face with your usual cleanser and pat with a towel to dry.

Next you will need to remove your derma roller from the packaging and run it under hot water to clean it. Once dry, grab a simple alcohol solution spray (available at your local chemist) and spray the wheel of the roller to ensure it is disinfected.

Once your instrument is dry it is now time to start using your roller!

When to Roll

We recommend rolling in the evening or before bed for a couple of reasons:

The first being, the effectiveness of your Dermarol is due to the healing process of the body after micro channels have been created in your skin. Thus it is really important to let your skin heal and recover with rest post treatment.

It is also important to keep you skin clean after derma rolling. This is easier done at night, rather than during the day where you may sweat in the heat, or be exposed to dirt, bacteria and the sun in your day to day hustle.

Furthermore, derma rolling can often leave your skin to appear slightly red after use. Though after a fruitful nights sleep, the redness will fade to leave your skin appearing plump, clear and glowing – its just like magic.

How to Derma Roll

How to Apply

Using a pressure that you can tolerate, gently roll the derma roller over the area you wish to treat back and forth – vertically, horizontally and diagonally 4-5 times each.

Some areas are more sensitive than others, for example around the eyes and you may find that you’ll need to be more gentle.

Derma rolling your head

If the area you are treating is your scalp, make sure your hair is damp and brushed in a uniform direction to prevent hair getting caught in the needles. Roll as you would across your face; back and forth – vertically, horizontally and diagonally 4-5 times each, however with shorter strokes.

The area you have treated will become red post treatment, which is 100% normal. Depending on the needle size you use you may experience mild discomfort or even slight bleeding. It’s important to choose the correct size roller to ensure you get the best possible results.

To see our sizes please check out our Size Guide.


After Derma Rolling

Care of your Dermarol

After use, make sure you disinfect the roller once more with water and an alcohol solution then leave the device out to dry. Once your dermarol is dry place it back inside its protective casing to keep it clean and in perfect condition for your next use.

How Often to Derma Roll

How Often Should you Roll?

How often you derma roll also depends on the length of needles you’ll be using. Below is the maximum amount of times you can use a derma roller within a given time frame. It is recommended however to start slowly.

Begin by rolling once every 2 weeks, decreasing the intervals as you treat more frequently. Just make sure to provide your skin with a chance to heal and repair itself between treatments.

DR.25Every other day
DR.50One to three times per week
DR.75One to three times per week
DR1.0Every 10 to 14 days
DR1.5Once every three weeks