How to Grow a Beard Faster

Waiting for a beard to grow can be comparable to the painful period of time when you are hungry and waiting for your food at a restaurant – slow and sometimes unpleasant. This may be frustrating if you are wanting a thick and full beard, or even to fill those pesky patches where hair refuses to grow.

Men’s facial hair starts to grow during puberty, and the younger you are, the longer it may take to reach your beard goals. Some men sport a full beard when they are as young as 18 or 19, though most will continue to have sparse areas of growth until their mid-to-late 20s or later still.

Though genetics and hormones play a large role in determining the time and amount of facial hair a person can achieve, there are tools and tactics that can be employed to aid in growing the beard of your dreams.

In recent years, many men have turned to derma rollers for assistance during this time. A device that has been used to help treat wrinkles, acne scars and large pores for many years through a process known as microneedling. 

Microneedling is the practice of creating micro injuries over the skin to induce the body’s natural healing response and increase collagen and elastin production. This is advantageous for hair growth as collagen is an amino acid that hair follicle cells use to produce keratin protein that promotes beard growth and strength.

How Derma Rolling may Help Beard Growth

In addition to activating collagen and keratin production, microneedling may help improve beard hair growth by boosting nutrient-rich blood flow to the area and many men have anecdotally reported great improvements with derma rolling on facial hair as well as scalp hair.

A growing body of research also indicates the effectiveness of Dermarolling as an invaluable tool for encouraging beard growth. A recent study compared the effectiveness of traditional hair loss treatments including Minoxidil with the use of a Dermaroller.

After 12 weeks the men who used the Dermaroller experienced significant new hair growth in terms of mean number of hairs. The Dermaroller subjects also rated their new hair growth much higher on a 7 point visual scale as well as a subjective self-assessment scale. Some 82% of the Dermaroller users reported more than 50% hair improvement compared with only 4.2% of the Minoxidil group.

The Dermaroller subjects experienced no adverse reactions or side effects. Faster and earlier hair growth was noted for the Dermaroller group as early as week one in the trial. Follow-up surveys 8 months after the trial ended showed that the improved hair growth for all the men who used the Dermaroller was ongoing and sustainable.

Other beard growth strategies

If you’re looking for other ways to speed up beard growth or wish to try multiple avenues at once, consider some of these lifestyle adjustments:

Eating a balanced diet centred on vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, whole grains, and healthy sources of iron and zinc.

Exercise more often to further improve circulation to your face.

Get more sleep and learn to manage your stress. A fuller beard is more likely to be produced by a healthier body.