Frequently Asked Questions

What is Derma Rolling?

In recent years, dermarollers have proven themselves an essential device in one’s skincare regime, who suffers from acne scarring, skin dullness, fine lines, stretch marks, uneven beard growth and hair loss/thinning. Dermarolling is a rolling technique in which tiny needles create small insults and micro-injuries in its path, as it passes over the dermis. This in turn causes micro-inflammation and essentially triggers the body’s natural reaction, to initiate the wound healing process. In the skin, the dermaroller is used to stimulate collagen production, and over the scalp, dermarolling can be used to increase cell production and increase blood circulation, which in turn will help with new hair growth.

How Does Derma Rolling Work?

When rolled over the skin, derma rollers create harmless micro-injuries in their path which triggers the body’s natural healing response; increasing blood circulation and new cell regeneration. This results in collagen production and new cell turnover which leads to beautiful glowing skin.

How many uses will I get from my Dermarol?

Our Dermarol contains 540 medical grade titanium needles. Titanium is a metal which is renowned for being strong, light and corrosion-resistant. It makes it a better material than stainless steel as it takes longer for titanium needles to become blunt due to wear and tear. As a result, our Dermarol can be used for a long time without reducing its sharpness. Therefore you should only need to replace your roller approximately every 12 uses which equates to roughly $3.50 per use.

How Often Should I be Rolling?

Ideally, you’ll want to use your Dermaroller once or twice each week. You need to allow time for the skin to repair itself so make sure you have at least 48 hours between rolling sessions.

If you make a habit of using the Dermaroller at night before you go to bed your skin will have the entire night to go through the inflammation stage. That means by morning any redness should have faded away.

Obviously, the size of the needle you use will change how often you can roll. With a small 0.25mm needle you can roll every 3 days. Remember though the recovery period is vital for your skin and beard growth so don’t think that more is necessarily better.

Is Derma Rolling Safe

Dermarolling is completely safe if it is done correctly. Make sure to only roll with a sterile device on double cleansed skin in the afternoon or at night. This will reduce any chance of creating an infection whilst rolling at night will allow your skin to heal most effectively. Make sure to only apply skin care post needling and avoid using makeup.

Can I Share My Dermarol with Others

No, please don’t share your Dermarol with anyone.

Does Derma Rolling Hurt?

Whilst dermarolling you should feel a slight tingle over you skin, depending on the pressure you apply. Afterwards, your skin my feel hot and sensitive, but this wont last long. Because Micro Needling is non invasive, there is no downtime. We suggest you Derma Roll in the evening and apply your nightly skin care routine afterwards. We do not recommend applying makeup post needling.

Are there any side effects from Derma Rolling?

The most common side effect is minor skin irritation, this will feel like sunburn for most people. You may also experience some redness afterwards. If you are are pregnant or have certain skin conditions (like eczema of psoriasis) or have open wounds/scars you should consult your doctor before Derma Rolling.

Can I recycle my Dermarol

The Dermarol falls under category 7 (other) when it come to recycling. So yes you can!

Is the Dermarol TGA Approved

Dermarol is TGA approved which means our product meets Australian standards.

TGA Approved: 338069