Dermarol is an Australian Owned label based in Sydney Australia, started by myself Sarah, and my partner Kane. The inspiration behind Dermarol grew from a strong desire to create a luxe, at-home micro-needling device to be used by both male and females, that was also affordable and delivered results.

The motivation for this business grew out of our own personal experiences. Whilst at uni, I  experienced a bout of acne, that left my face severely scarred and spotted. As the problem solving science student I was at the time, I researched the best products to clear my hyperpigmentation on a budget. After months of trying multiple acids and creams and not noticing the results I had hoped for, I stumbled upon micro-needling.

At a clinic this was well out of my price range, I couldn’t afford to spend several hundreds of dollars a session for no guaranteed results, micro-needling via a derma roller however, was well within, so I gave it a go. I will never forgot the excitement I felt, the morning after I tried derma rolling for the first time. My skin was noticeably clearer and within 2 months my scarring was practically gone. Since then, this excitement has motivated me to share this experience with every possible person I could, which is where derma rolling for beard growth and hair loss came into our lives.

Kane tried derma rolling over his patchy beard and on his slightly receding hair line, noticing gradual hair growth over a few months. He also fell in love with the product and we decided to create our own that was high quality, durable, sterile and of course, aesthetically pleasing, as the derma rollers we had used in the past lacked these features.

We hope you give our Dermarol a try and love each of our products as much as a we do.

Sarah and Kane x